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Ecomm SEO

If you run an ecommerce store, your SEO efforts are usually the difference between struggling, breaking even, and making it big. The ecommerce space has become fiercely competitive, with numerous sellers jostling for the attention of buyers. The only way to record massive sales is to ensure your potential buyers find you first when they search for the products you’re selling. And this is the basic concept of ecomm SEO. SEO Marketer is the specialist digital marketing company you can trust if you need help projecting your store to the front page of Google and other search engines. 

What are the top ecomm SEO strategies?

While the basic concept of SEO may be the same, you’re certainly not going to get the desired results if you adopt your regular SEO strategies for ecomm SEO. Below are a few of the critical SEO strategies you need to implement if you run an ecommerce store.

Keywords are key

It’s great to see your website on the first page of Google. But what exactly are you ranking for? If your keyword research game is not top-notch, you’ll easily fall into the trap of ranking for keywords that do not matter. That way, you’ll generate reasonable traffic but struggle to convert any of them. For now, the best keyword strategy available to ecommerce store owners is long-tail keyword strategies.

The competition for broad keywords is very stiff, and you’re not likely to beat ecommerce giants such as Amazon and Walmart. It would be best if you looked for the specific keywords that best capture your target audience and work on ranking your online store for these keywords.

Run a blog

Once you get a hang on keyword research, the next step is figuring out how to rank for these keywords. The most straightforward answer is running an information blog. Your blog should cover a range of topics that are related to what you’re selling. More specifically, you should focus on answering the questions your potential customers may have about the products. Ecommerce stores that incorporate content marketing have a higher conversion rate than those that don’t. That’s one more reason why delivering unique content should be a significant part of your ecomm SEO strategies.

Structure your online store

Merchandising is just as crucial for online stores as brick and mortar shops. If your web pages and content are all over the place, search engines will find indexing difficult. Thus, it’s vital to arrange your content in a manner that’s appealing to both search engines and visitors. Naturally, your most important content should come first, and the logical sequence should be maintained. Furthermore, you should include links to your products in your blog posts, as this has been shown to boost sales.

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